About me:

Alberto Manuel has over 10 years of Business Process Management hands-on experience, Alberto helps companies to improve, redesign and implement business process. Working as a mentor, coach and consultant, driving companies to reach successful outcomes on disciplines like: Enterprise Engineering, Business Process Management and Change Management.

He is co-author of the books “How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done” and “Empowering Knowledge Workers”, “BPM Everywhere” and he is involved in BPM communities where he plays a critical role in developing international standards and bringing innovation for process management (IEEE’s Task Force on Process Mining; WfMC’s Process Simulation and Optimisation Working Group; W3C’s Social Business Community Group; OMG’ BPMN Model Interchange Working Group; Cloud Standards Customer Council).

He chairs BPM Conference Portugal.

He has 7 years of experience on R&D of consumer goods products and improving manufacturing operations.

Albert0’s blog posts express only his point of view, not previous and current employers.

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Selected Key Notes:

BPM conference Lisbon 2005

ICT Market Finance 2011

Italian Venture Forum 2011

IDC Business Analytics: BI & BPM 2012

BPM Conference Europe 2012

Business Analysis Conference Europe 2012

ITSMF Spain Congreso Nacional VISION12

Encontro Nacional do Setor do Azeite 2012

Encontro Nacional do Setor do Azeite 2012

BPM on Adaptation Change and Innovation 2013

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BPM Conference Portugal

BPM Conference Portugal

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A day in Project Management

A day in Project Management