BPM Blogs worth reading 2015

Here is the list of BPM blogs I think work reading for inspiration purposes. More than a hall of fame, make a reflection on how BPM is evolving by clicking in the last years list and backwards.

On BPM at large:

On Analytics:

On Social Business:

On Complexity:

On Enterprise Architecture:

  • Tetradian – Tom Grave´s writes about enterprise architecture.
  • Mastering ArchiMate – If you model architectures this is a great source to take a deep dive.
  • The Open Group Blog – By Open Group – Great place to look for upcoming references

If you are interested in 2014 list click here.


2 thoughts on “BPM Blogs worth reading 2015

  1. The truth!? You can’t handle the truth! 🙂 Just kidding. I love that you called attention to some blogs I haven’t read before – but I hate that you are feeding my information junkie habit.
    Thank you for including me, it is an honor!

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