Adopting consumer devices to the enterprise

Microsoft just released Band, a consumer device targeted to health management and collaboration. This is what the consumer market is asking for and its aligned with industry analyst predictions regarding a hike in consumption of this new kind of devices.

Unfortunately, Gartner, Forrester and others, seems to pitch for this new business opportunity only because of the market dimension and revenue opportunity, when it should also look to the usage this devices in business context. When you look to latest Gartner research on Three Emerging Trends drive digital business, you can notice the difficulty how to fill up an info graphic and lack of direction on how the trends are heading into. It seems Gartner is trying to create new product line of business, like for example intelligent watches and toothbrush that tells us what to do, rather than summarize it to intelligent and connected devices.

These new kind of devices, can extend the digitalization of business as mobile phones did in the past, for example in the Oil and Gas and Utilities industries, it is possible to adopt it usage in the following context:

Health and Safety management:

  • Turning into health measuring equipment
  • Identifying critical vital signs dilapidation
  • Geo location in order to retrieve people from hazardous places


  • Access to critical information in order to maximize asset availability
  • Group / Team collaboration, sharing bits of information about equipment functioning

Algedonic channel:

  • When a critical situation occurs and the users are notified to act accordingly

In their path to digitalization, companies pursue how to leverage the usage of this devices. There are a myriad of opportunities, that should be considered, studied and become part of enterprise architecture. There are some concerns also, like for example electromagnetic compliance issues, that need to be addressed.

The key point is how you envision scenarios to promote team collaboration, involvement, end to end digital operations and connected enterprise.


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