Business Analysis Conference Europe 2012 – day 1

Here is a quick wrap up of day 1 (September 25th) rather than a long article. Day 0 can be found <here>. Closure can be found <here>.

Key note from Ben Goldrace

Ben provided some very interesting points about you as an Analyst gather evidence to support your analysis and decision. Some examples were about about scientific studies that are badly used to support reasoning. One the other of the points was people do not like to ear uncertainty. They wanted be correctly advised. Again this brings the importance of making the numbers based on facts not on assumptions.

Ben also talked about the importance of systematic review. It gave the example around medicine trials about giving steroids to pregnant woman to induce premature babies to born and reduce the probability the baby dies. Sadly, women will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. He presented data about a study about field experimentation that if picked randomly like cherry picking,  pregnant (or other type of person) will not be able to make a decision. But if you put the information together it will help you to make the right choice. Now, this makes remember the hype created by Gartner about intelligent business process management. There is a difference that Gartner  must understand that is the line that divides of having data and a system that can makes recommendations by yourself. I feel that we will get there close, but I feel comfortable about how IBM’s Watson  answered about North Korea. It said : “the country does not have diplomatic relationship with the USA” .

To BA or not BA – is that the question?

by Lynda Girvan Debby Paul

This session and some side conversations during the breaks, brought to me the perspective that Business Analysts don’t need to go to the Psychiatrist. There is a mood among BA practitioners that they are considered as scribers by business people. Some argue that BA should be stand still inside of its aquarium, others say they need to evolve and touch other areas like solution implementation, process mapping and design, change management.

That was a surprise to me. But this is why knowledge areas continue to be siloed. Why BA don’t take the risk of every day when they wake up they try to be something different, rather than work on requirements engineering?

But surprisingly the audience at this session voted for the Analyst to continue to embrace the classical role, carry on the assessment with the output in mind  delivering requirement specification.  That’s lack of ambition I say, or maybe a cautious approach to avoid conflict (click to understand) like this one it emerged among two world recognized BPM experts that are discussing about who sells more books on Amazon.


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