BPM Blogs worth reading 2011

This is my 2011 list of BPM blogs I think work reading.

If you are interested in 2010 list click here. Till next year!


15 thoughts on “BPM Blogs worth reading 2011

  1. Alberto,
    my thanks for including our taraneon Process Quality blog on your list for the second year in a row. In a way that is always our hope:,Readers – experts like yourself or novices – will hopefully find something of interest to them in what we write…even when I’m off on one of my coffee experience rants 🙂

  2. Alberto, thanks for mentioning my blog. I take a little issue with the adjective though:

    vi·o·lent [vahy-uh-luhnt] – adjective
    1. acting with or characterized by uncontrolled, strong, rough force: a violent earthquake.
    2. caused by injurious or destructive force: a violent death.
    3. intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme: violent pain; violent cold.
    4. roughly or immoderately vehement or ardent: violent passions.
    5. furious in impetuosity, energy, etc.: violent haste.

    I do not think that any of the above describes my attitude or actions. I am not uncontrolled, neither injurious or destructive, or severe and extreme, and neither furious. Immoderately vehement? Hmm. Abrasive, blunt, direct, thruthful, relentless, stubborn, boneheaded … may all apply, but violent???

    Thanks anyway and regards, Max

    • Hello Max:
      The violence I refer is a wake-up call to reality, rather than “eat” the concepts without thinking, specially in a world were people forgot to question, to think for themselves.

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  4. I am going to check out each of these, thanks for the suggestions. Would you also mind considering our blog? We tackle a variety of issues in a wide berth of industries all related to content management and would appreciate your consideration! Thank you!

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    • John:
      Thanks for the list, but this is in my personal view the ones that really are worth reading rather than a place to find all blogs about BPM.



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