Social Something

Max wrote an interesting article about the social media hype, and the way customer relationship management executed in an empowered and human way can truly  increase customer experience and retention.

This KLM’s video explains the concept, but it lacks a lot of important enterprise engineering.

KLM recorded this video showing how to eliminate plane travel boredom. In the beginning we can see some travelers with their faces looking to the mobile phone screens, clicking on everything, like a Pavlov dog experiment.

KLM’s terminal crew is using social media tools identifying passengers with KLM’s tag and with a a quick passenger profile analysis offer a small gift related to the person info (tennis shoe, book, whatever). And apparently this makes the customer happy.

One of the good things the video tries to show is KLM’s terminal staff empowerment to deal the interactions, but …

Now some real important things with this approach:

  • When companies start implementing processes to eliminate annoyances, complains and bad feedback on this new brave world?
  • When companies understand that social tools can  increase an open relationship where the experience is shared online instead of flooding customers with information without any interest?
  • When companies use strong analytic capabilities based in mathematical graph theory (1950 !) in which the hype was constructed?

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