BPM Blogs worth reading 2010

Taking advantage of the fact that today in Portugal is holiday (we Portuguese belong to a country that exists since 1143 celebrate today the day we god rid of the Spanish in 1640. Spanish ruled the country from 1580 to 1640) added a BPM Blogroll.

  • Adam Dean: Funny and provocative Adam is a real BPM catalyst.
  • Andrew One Degree: People centric BPM blog by Andrew Smith.
  • Bp-3: Scott Francis’s full of BPM reflections.
  • Column 2: For me the best analyst blog. Great insights from BPMS systems brought by Sandy Kemsley.
  • Devils refugee: Theo Priestley, founder of the extinct Redux online is the Ziggy Stardust of all BPM blogs.
  • Jim Sinur: Some visionary thoughts about BPM trends.
  • On collaborative planning: Keith Sewson brings new insights around ACM.
  • Process cafe: Process analysis from Gary Comerford.
  • Taraneon: Tomas Olbrich provides a lot of expertise around process mapping and process simulation.
  • The Eclectic zone: Hype and new BPM content from Ashish Bhagwat.
  • Welcome to the real It world: The most violent BPM blog from Max Pucher.

5 thoughts on “BPM Blogs worth reading 2010

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